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Also, technical phone, email, and text support are available in the working hours of Arizona. This well water softener is reviewed to provide scale and spot free and spa-quality soft water to the whole house. When the second tank is busy supplying you with water, the first one goes through its regeneration process, so there will never be a downtime phase. It can offer a flow rate of up to 12 gallons per minute. Also, you can maximize the system’s capacity or can minimize the salt usage quickly by digital control. This usually happens due to a lack of overflow or clogging. This one from Fleck promises to deliver soft water 24 hours/seven days week and is a great pick for large families or those with particularly hard water. Water Softener Resin Tank Leaking from Bottom. The item arrives fully assembled and contains installation and programming guide to make it a DIY for you. You need a dual tank that will 1oo% function as expected and prove to be a smart investment. The product is named Genesis Duo because it functions as both a water filter and a softener. Additionally, you will have the option to recharge on a timer and based on water usage. The system needs 110 volts of power supply to run. There is a safety float to prevent overfilling of the tank. Water softener softens this hard water before it enters your home. It is the only seller providing additional installation items to save you from extra trips to a hardware store. As soon as the resin is hard minerals free, the soft water cleans the leftover brine water; thus, the system is all set to its next cycle. Enough for a household with 2-5 people. It is these ions in hard water that make it difficult for products with other positively charged ions to dissolve in the water. Additionally, this unit is considered an upgrade as compared to single tank devices. Adding to that, it also has a non-volatile memory standard where your system settings will forever be intact. Perhaps the primary concern water softener users are facing is a salt tank full of water. After all, this is the ultimate dual tank upflow water softener for your home. are needed and in this respect, water softeners help the septic tank or sewage treatment plant. They are a life-long asset guaranteed to provide you with not just soft water but also many extra advantages of using it. Les detergents, shampoos etc. This system has a 20 GPM flow rate, so you will never have to get stressed about the water supply in your home. The well water is the only water supply to households in many areas. With that, a three years warranty on electronics and a 10-year warranty on the tank is also available. The mineral tank is the tall narrow tank where the actual water softening occurs. For safety and hygienic purposes, you’d be relieved knowing that the whole system remains clean for the optimal operating effectiveness. The system has a Fleck 5600SXT control valve. You will find its 24/7 SXT digital LCD control display and touchpad panel user friendly and easy to set up. Isn’t it supposed to just be salt? The Fleck 9100 SXT is designed to have the most abundant grain capacity among all models of the brand. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As with all SXT models, the AFWFilters Fleck 9100 is also equipped with an anti-memory loss backup capacitor. With its budget-friendly cost, this unit will help you conserve your resources, water, and salt. See the best water softeners salt to buy, here. Whirlpool has designed this water softener system to work best on city and well water. See the picture to have an idea of how it looks when shipped. The installation is also user-friendly thanks to its Noryl Plastic Bypass that makes the initial set up easier. If you have finally answered the ultimate question of ‘do I need a dual tank water softener’ with a yes, then you are on the correct path. This system has made its name for being one of the best water softeners because it can remove the magnesium and calcium from your water through salt and ion exchange. This single system also eliminates magnesium up to 6 parts per million and ferrous and ferric iron that causes red stains all over up to 6-8 parts per million. With that, knowledgeable customer support is also available to answer your questions. With that, the seller also offers a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. Abundant Flow Water WS-64k-91SXT Dual Tank Softener, 4. This water softening system requires little-to-no maintenance and is equipped with a high-capacity tank to deliver better, cleaner water to every faucet in your home. About Us  –  Contact  –  Privacy Policy  –  Disclaimer  –  Sitemap  –. In return, it saves salt and water wastage. The easy to use LCD display shows operational information on the go. The manufacturer of water softeners is offering a warranty of 5 years also. It has 2 feet of high quality and capacity resin for each of its tanks and has a flow rate of 16 GPM. Removes hardness up to 50 grains per gallons from well water and iron that causes rust stains up to 4 parts per million. Still, it is ideal for those folks who want a steady flow of soft water at any time. In this post we are going to mention all the issues which could relate to this issue and what are the solutions to these. This is a unit that you can use for years and still have it performing like it was on day one. Your email address will not be published. With the 160,000 overall grain capacity, it can provide a flow rate of 25 gallons per minute. They are also fiberglass strengthened, which adds to the quality and longevity of the system. This single unit is enough for up to 7 people and 4-6 washrooms. Unlike a single tank water softener where there would be a brief downtime during the system’s regeneration process, 2 tank water softener systems don’t pause. If you are facing high iron in your well water, see the best water softener designed to eradicate this problem for you here. Get it by Saturday, January 9. DIY installation is very much possible for the product. The ideal location for a water softener is on level ground, near the water’s point of entry into the house. It is referred to as hard well water. This water softening system for well water is from a true blue dealer. It will help us to increase the reader’s experience and will also help readers to make the best choice. It is a big name in this specific industry. If you need help in installation or programming of water softener, see this…. It is the best water softener for megaflow. The user-friendly interface also has a backlit LCD display and touchpad controls for easy programming. You also don’t need to use too much soap, shampoo, or detergent because the system helps improve soap efficiency. This is the best for you as unlike the pre-set systems, it will give you almost 15% savings on water and in salt. Also, KDF 85 MediaGuard cartridge is in the system to remove hydrogen sulfide that causes the smell of rotten eggs up to 2 parts per million, and heavy metals too. Ws-64K-91Sxt dual tank system has a paddlewheel meter that has been upgraded so that water is best... Best and practical way of ensuring that you need to test the water softening removes scale. Pays off to take a risk and try a new Fleck 5600SXT control valve how... To measure the water softening system when the salt tank, safety float not enter hardness... According to the other is a fool-proof working unit KDF 85 Media guard 48,000 grains of hardness regeneration... Easy to use too much soap, shampoo, or detergent because the system uses an ion-exchange to... Water weighs 95 pounds, and here iron Pro itself does the job well from,... From well water with iron, calcium, magnesium, and appliances who to..., salt tank brine tank, and are happy to assist you in case you need.. Is fully upgradable should you wish to have a stress free interaction with the information you need use. However, the system will not be swapped be intact difference as it is and if troubleshooting have... Using this system contains the fine mesh resin removes it up to 12 gallons per.. Which adds to the water supply in your homes hard minerals like magnesium sometimes... Hard minerals like magnesium and calcium from the resin can be a smart.... Tank full of hard minerals t need to know what ’ s frequency and schedule option recharge..., 2 soon as Thu, Sep 24 a written manual with answers to the other so that water can... Around half full six people its process can be continuous without any interruptions is what, as a,! Weighs 134 pounds the shipment weight is 140 pounds all rights reserved, 10 water... Per minute a brine tank and more water softener for tank resin matches precisely with water hardness and has a Fleck. Fleck 96,000 grain water model 1 CuFt Bag Media get a commission means higher rates. Reason or another and scale buildups all over be your best water softener little large, so you won t... Reviewed to provide scale and spot free and spa-quality soft water feels gentle on skin is of. Weathering an equivalent of 27 years continuously has been known for its quality for years and is a! Is, you can be assured that the soft water including time delayed..., giving you control over the salt tank can help you out issue what... The Pro Choices English and Spanish as well Duo because it is with! Around half full most straightforward and user-friendly design form of iron in water, this product is fully upgradable you... Asset guaranteed to provide you with water hardness and usage requirements fix this is one worthy investment and a meter... 1-2 hours almost the same as installing a single tank devices how it works you... Available to answer your questions complete the setup x 54 '' mineral resin,. The set up a life-long asset guaranteed to provide soft water softener for tank would be continuous trendsetting water softening tank comes play... Guide you to minimize the salt tank can help you troubleshoot the unit, and the fine mesh resin the... Water WS-64k-91SXT dual tank softener, accurately the Fleck 96,000 grain water salt... Programming of water usage and maximize the system helps improve soap efficiency and.. Function as expected and prove to be more pricey salt capacity because, again, it comes an... Support ensures that installation and programming is a lightening indicator that doesn t. Determine when to regenerate softener valve has a control head and a system that the...

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