will being a union rep affect my career

Some unions charge a fixed monthly rate while others charge of a percentage of members paychecks. Whether or not you must join the union to work at a particular job depends on what type of "shop" is present in your workplace. So you can choose not to be an official member of the union, but you still have to pay dues as though you are a member. Reps are the backbone of PCS, and make sure that we have a union structure and voice in every workplace across the UK. With a "union shop," an employee is not required to join a union in order to be hired, but must join the union within a certain period of time after starting work, generally within thirty (30) days of starting work. Most examples of these types of shops are public sector unions including teachers unions. What is the National Labor Relations Act? Job security has always been a key benefit to being part of a union, as unions typically work with employers to preserve jobs, especially during hard times when a layoff may be necessary. Diversity & Inclusion The NLRA states that employees have the right. This can be an exciting time. Attending meetings to discuss joining a union. The Role of Union Layoff Rules WARN is designed to ensure that workers have time to transition to new jobs or obtain the training they need to make such career changes successfully. After you speak with the union representative, the representative usually speaks with other union officials. 16. This family tax credit issue from my partners side completely blindsided me. Students. Generally, most open shops are in right to work states where employees are not required to join a union and pay dues, but the union is still charged with fair and equal representation of all members of the bargaining unit - not just the union members. Email . If the company goes too far to discourage its employees from joining a union, it will violate the NLRA and may have to account for its actions to the NLRB. How does this affect my rights as a worker? What can I do if I am threatened for joining a union? THE QUESTION. How does a union get started in the workplace? Share It. Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote employee rights. More job security: Union workers have more job security, compared to nonunion employees.An employer can only terminate a union worker for "just cause." It believes in public disclosure of workers' rights. However, the NLRA has rules that somewhat limit that freedom - companies cannot violate their employees' right to unionize if they so choose. These positions often include a business representative/business agent, secretary and/or treasurer. I no longer want to be represented by my union. If you think you have been retaliated against for doing any of these things, see our retaliation for union activity page for additional information.>. Signing a petition for improved wages, hours, or conditions. Please note that Workplace Fairness does not operate a lawyer referral service and does not provide legal advice, and that Workplace Fairness is not responsible for any advice that you receive from anyone, attorney or non-attorney, you may contact from this site. Once the initial election establishes the union's presence in a particular workplace, then the union is supposed to be run democratically, where majority rules - so there will be elections and voting to choose officers and make decisions. Going out on strike to secure better working conditions. The Supreme Court … Talent Management E-mail karen.dempsey@rbi.co.uk with your views. HR Consultant There are four typical kinds of shops in unionized workplaces, which are: A "closed shop" requires its employees to be union members as a condition to being hired for a position covered by the bargaining unit and does not allow the employer to hire anyone not willing to join the union. Employee Relations A union representative, union steward, or shop steward is an employee of an organization or company who represents and defends the interests of her/his fellow employees as a labor union member and official. Either way, you must file your DFR claim within six months of the union activity which you claim violated your duty of fair representation. I have a grievance against my employer and the union supposedly representing me is refusing to … In short - yes, but it must be careful. You too can be part of the movement that gave the world weekends off, the national minimum wage, workplace pensions, the right not to be sacked for being pregnant or sick and many more legal rights. Wearing union buttons, T-shirts, stickers, hats or other items on the job at most worksites. For example, one worker may believe new safety measures should be implemented but may not be able to get his employer to agree. Share . Read more But if your complaint is about something that goes against your human rights, you might be able to make a human rights claim instead of using the process in your collective agreement. Note, this is different from a deauthorization election which simply removes any forced unionism clauses in your contract. Although there is no law that specifically designates the amount, the fee must be reasonable. OH&W subscriptions Union members are in a stronger position to secure higher pay and conditions through collective bargaining. work image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com. This duty arises when you have an individual dispute with your employer, such as a disciplinary matter or termination, and may be violated if the exclusive bargaining representative (the union) fails to properly represent you in that dispute. Sometimes a supervisor can be reluctant to coach employees on performance, especially if the shop steward or other union members seem aggressive or challenging. This page provides answers to the following questions: 2. It is likely to be unreasonable for your employer to ban you from contacting colleagues to ask them to give evidence to support you, unless you have been suspended for bullying or harassment of colleagues. Is there any way to get rid of a union after it's established? What is a collective bargaining agreement? Both parties must try to reach a settlement through negotiations, and when agreement is reached, they must sign a written contract, known as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Are you a union rep looking for help and advice to support your colleagues at work? Employee Benefits Connect Anyway, the union rep said they were likely to make an example out of … The main purpose is to give workers power to negotiate more favorable working conditions through collective bargaining. To make a good decision, you'll need to understand what police unions are, why they exist, and what they can do for officers. The NLRA covers employees who work for employers involved in interstate commerce. There are also studies showing that patients are less likely to die of a heart attack in unionized hospitals. However, most HR professionals (57%) agreed that unions are an essential part of modern employer/employee relations, and that unions are a ‘force for good’ (52%). Your employer should not use this kind of term to force through significant negative changes to your job without your agreement. I was doing really well in my career, my job is flexible and I could pick my kids up from school at 3.15pm. Save the form on your computer and send it back to the NLRB by email. Does it matter what the function is called? Currently I am looking to work a non-union job, for less money and less drama. Arrange to speak confidentially to your trade union rep or your employer’s human resources department if you need more advice on how bankruptcy might affect your job. Terms and conditions, • Employee Benefits Tweet . Union Membership. Who runs it? What can I do if I am threatened for joining a union? Most union members cannot be terminated or disciplined unless the employer has "just cause," as defined by the collective bargaining agreement, unlike most non-union employees in the private sector, who are employed "at-will," which means that employer can fire you or change your conditions of employment at any time and for almost any reason. Unions are not a bad thing. What if the union refuses to represent me or enforce my rights under the union contract? A labor union is an organization of workers joined to protect their common interests and improve their working conditions. A union "local" is a locally-based group of organized employees holding a charter from a national or international labor organization. Read on to learn more. ? They can save their money. 28. I have also never been a member of a union myself. A local may be confined to union members in a particular geographic area or company, or it may cover multiple contracts with various employers in the same business sector. This does not prevent a dispute about trade union recognition from being a lawful dispute. There are all sorts of reasons. Go to reps guidance. Can my employer say that it does not want a union? HR (General) 14. Who is in charge of a union? Yes. For example, if fast food employees working at a franchise owned company unionized, they would be entitled to negotiate not simply with the owner of the restaurant, but with corporate headquarters as well. 12 years' of experience Customer service and 4 years of Union representation. The wages of union members are, on average, 30% higher than those of workers who do not have union representation; 93% of union workers are entitled to health benefits, while only 69% of non-union workers do; and 77% of union workers have a guaranteed, pension, compared to only 17% of non-union workers. How will my pension contributions be affected by being on furlough? Although other legislation including the NLRA provides union protections, the NLRB has relatively limited enforcement ability to penalize employers for violating employees' rights when it comes to workplace protections; the WAGE Act would amend the NLRA to add these protections. (For example OPCMIA Local 21). If passed, significant protections not currently in place for workers would be in tact to allow them to organize and join a union without fear of employer intimidation. Frequently, there will also be member volunteers - so your co-workers and fellow union members may decide to volunteer their time to assist in the efforts of the union. A slim majority of HR professionals said their staff would get a worse deal without their union and its reps. Paul Nowak, national organiser at the TUC, said: “Too many union reps feel their careers are put on the line because of their representative role. Union workers get about 20 percent more in terms of wages (not including benefits) compared to others in similar jobs that aren’t supported by a union. Organisational Development The duty of fair representation does not require your union to file a grievance on your behalf, take your grievance to arbitration, or appeal it every step of the way, if it feels your grievance does not have merit. The employer must come to the bargaining table with an open mind and a sincere desire to discuss the issues. In that application/petition, the union gives a description of what workers it would like included. I am a union rep, can I carry out my union duties while furloughed? Since non-union workers are typically hired "at will" and without a union contract behind them, they can be fired for no particular reason. If you are unhappy with your union and how it conducts its business, you may wish to contact: Association for Union Democracy (AUD)104 Montgomery StreetBrooklyn, NY 11225Phone: 718-564-1114[email protected]http://www.uniondemocracy.orgAUD is a pro-labor, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of democratic trade unionism in the North American labor movement, and provides organizing, educational, and legal assistance to union members fighting for greater control of their unions. One way is to petition the NLRB to hold a decertification election, which if successful, means the union no longer represents any of the employees in your bargaining unit. Wellbeing I can't take it anymore. Each union varies in size, so amount of staff will also vary. At higher pay levels the direct effect of unions was less widespread. The NLRA protects both your right to be a union member, and your right to choose not to be a union member. This staff is paid by the dues you pay as members of the union. To help ensure you get a proper deal when you start your job, it is important to find out about your rights and entitlements and what responsibilities you may have in the workplace. If more workers band together in a bargaining unit to pressure the company to implement the safety measures, there is a much better chance the company will listen. Reps are the backbone of the trade union movement because they link workers, employers and unions. To begin representing employees, a union must first make an application with the NLRB asking to be the representative of a particular bargaining unit. Union reps have a wide range of roles in the workplace. In a union, the qualifications for promotion are usually based on seniority. Another major benefit of union membership for workers is that seniority is honored. An NLRB representative … I have a union at work. Refraining from activity on behalf of a union. For example, unions deal with practices regarding discipline and making sure proper procedures are in place so that employees are treated fairly. This site provides comprehensive information about job rights and employment issues nationally and in all 50 states. I have been told by my union rep today that it is likely I'll be dismissed by HMRC who is my employer. When you're in a union, you usually have to use the process in the collective agreement if your employer does not follow what the agreement says. It is for workers, employers, advocates, policymakers, journalists, and anyone else who wants to understand, protect, and strengthen workers’ rights. Union dues are what you pay to help support the unions' operating costs, which include union support staff, field staff, legal costs, negotiation costs, arbitrator's fees, and other related costs. Unionbusters usually self-identify as "union avoidance firms," "management consultants," or "labor consultants." What is the National Labor Relations Act? If you would like more information about the laws which apply to unions, the first place to start is your local NLRB office and the resources provided on this website. In August the NLRB in a 3-2 vote made it easier for unions to negotiate on behalf of workers at companies relying on contractors and franchises, including fast-food chains. But where people get into ‘tram lines’, the arguments become more difficult, and long-lasting memories are created.”, Andrew Harley, groupHR director, TelefonicaO2 Europe, “Being a rep can get you air time. Four in 10 (38%) believe this is definitely the case, and 54% believe it is possibly so. There are many laws and court decisions that govern unions, a few of which will be discussed below. The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act or LMDRA, was passed to impose a code of conduct upon unions, union officers, members, employers and management consultants so that all actors would behave fairly. Contact us If you would like to be involved in organizing a union at your workplace, you should contact one of the national federations of unions, so that you can be directed to one or more unions that may be interested in helping you organize your workplace. The AFL-CIO (member list) and Change to Win (member list) are federations, large umbrella organizations of unions which have banded together to share resources and promote common political and organizing goals. There are two types of elections associated with unions. In addition, unions often lobby for legislation and political candidates that are more favorable to employees. The NLRB has two basic functions: 1) overseeing employees decision making process of whether to be represented by a labor organization and; 2) prosecuting NLRA violations. Unionbusters help an employer create a sense of dissension and division among employees during an organizing campaign and spread misinformation about the union before workers vote in a union representation election. Do I still have to pay union dues? Performance & Engagement Although many workers are covered by the NLRA, there are several important exceptions. Essentially, it regulates labor unions internal affairs. Everyone is subject to the same guidelines and job responsibilities. 11. How do I get the union involved if I have a problem at work? To have a decertification election you must first obtain approval from 30% of the bargaining unit to establish this step - then you must campaign to get the majority of votes needed to get rid of the union. HR Business Partner A bargaining unit is a group of employees that perform similar work and usually share a work area. However, any agreements in negotiations would only apply to that single franchise, not every employee nationwide. Is there any way to get rid of a union after it's established? Post . While the NLRA generally governs union organizing and collective bargaining for private sector employment, the Railway Labor Act governs employment relations for airlines and railroads enforced by the National Mediation Board, and public sector collective bargaining is generally regulated by state statute. Compensation & Benefits Assisting a union to organize the employees of an employer. You have job security. Instead of spending time earning multiple trade certifications attending online and night courses in business management I should have spent more time net working around the water cooler. As a Union Representative, your goal is to negotiate agreements between groups of employees and employers. As my Pisces friend once said: “If I read one more blog that tells me to become a marine biologist, I’m going to scream.” Instead, it focuses on the characteristics of each sign that affect aspirations, challenges and workplace morale. Too often I have heard horror stories from my coworkers and friends about being treated unfairly either because management was misinformed of or failed to follow facility rules/policies. What is the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act? Also there seems to be a number of things that happen simply because a nurse, regardless of his/her skill and job performance, is disliked. Are there costs involved in being a member of a union? Wage Effects One of the most fundamental effects of labor unions is the effect on higher wages, shorter hours and more extensive fringe benefits, according to Microsoft's Encarta online encyclopedia in 2009. Legislation has given staff the ‘protection’ that unions once believed they provided.”, “There is a healthy tension between reps and HR. Talking with coworkers about wages or working conditions. Not only are you potentially covered for hundreds of thousands of dollars over your career, but you’re also protected by the union in that your job seems more secure if you have to take extended leaves due to illness. OH&W subscription terms. Companies that do not want unions in their workplace often go to great lengths to discourage union activity, hiring "unionbusters," professional consultants or lawyers who specialize in advising employers on how to thwart union organizing drives or how to decertify unions. Your contract is for a set period of time and cannot be changed at will by a notice or announcement. The entire premise of a union is that workers are given a say in how the business is run. Most unions maintain websites and an active presence on the Internet, which will allow you to obtain most if not all the information you need online. Often a bargaining unit will make up an entire union, but it is also not uncommon for a bargaining unit to be a slice of a bigger union. If the union is weak, disorganized or short of money, the union rep won't be able to do her job effectively. This means that, as a worker, you can have your say about workplace issues. For more information on unfair labor practices, please see our retaliation for union activity page for additional information.>. My religion prevents me from joining a union. Summary. There is an initial election to determine if the majority of employees in a bargaining unit want to be represented (or discontinue representation) by a union or whether or not to switch their union affiliation. Internships and Apprenticeships Entry Level Jobs College Degrees. The reason for firing an employee must be serious enough to warrant a firing, and the employee is given the opportunity to go through a grievance procedure before being terminated. You obviously are a highly motivated individual who has some excellent job, union and committee experience. Union contracts are generally two years long, though sometimes longer. 26. Print . The type of shop that exists within a union bargaining unit will generally be included in the contract between the union and the employer. The other method is to withdraw your membership - in writing. Yes. Payroll Do I have to join the union in order to work at a particular job? A trade union organiser will come in for free. Learning & Development If the union refuses to get involved to protect your rights as guaranteed by the union contract, you may be able to file a claim against the union for violating your "duty of fair representation," also known as a "DFR claim." 7. However, these individuals may be required to make a contribution in the same amount to a nonreligious organization or a non-labor organization, and still may be required to pay reasonable costs for grievance claims on their behalf if handled by the union. the one you probably have on a necklace somewhere). This is commonly referred to as an Unfair Labor Practice charge. A bargaining unit may also be a group of similar workers that work in different places in different shops, but do the same work. Finely worded policies are not enough – managers need to demonstrate practically that employees taking on reps’ roles will not lose out when it comes to career prospects, pay or development opportunities.”. Speak to your union rep if you're a union member, as union solicitors may be able to provide advice as to what changes the employer is allowed to make by relying on this kind of term. Reading, distributing and discussing union literature (as long as you do this in nonwork areas during nonwork times, such as breaks or lunch hours). What are the benefits of being a member of a union? According to surveys published by the union, 65% of civil servants have become ill due to stress at work and 60% did not think their employer helped them cope … The more workers that are in a union, the better chance they have of getting a good deal. In addition, whenever management begins to ask you questions that you reasonably believe could result in a disciplinary action, you have thea right to refuse to answer questions until a union representative is present and you have had an opportunity to discuss the situation with that representative. The two major national federations to which most unions belong are: The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)815 16th Street, NWWashington, DC 20006Phone: 202-637-5000Fax: 202-637-5058http://www.aflcio.orgHow to Join a UnionChange to Win1900 L Street, NW Suite 900Washington, DC 20036Phone: (202) 721-0660Fax: (202) 721-0661http://www.changetowin.org. Often, many disputes can be resolved with the help of the union. The wages of union members are, on average, 30% higher than those of workers who do not have union representation; 93% of union workers are entitled to health benefits, while only 69% of non-union workers do; and 77% of union workers have a guaranteed, pension, compared to only 17% of non-union workers. While it’s true that Union Representatives motivate employees to bind together in the name of a better workplace-whether through strikes, boycotts, or petitions-that’s just one part of their job. Workers with union representation also had 89 percent of their health insurance premiums paid by their employer for single coverage and 82 percent for family coverage. ... ask someone at work who's doing a job similar to yours. If you deny that right, you will lose support for the union and may eventually encounter a movement to decertify the union in place. Many complained that the term ‘human resources’ was too impersonal. For more information on the proposed WAGE Act, please see the WAGE Act Fact Sheet. The company still controls the work environment and supervisors are held responsible for the results. If you have a DFR claim, you can either sue the union directly in court, or can file a claim with the NLRB. Many unions also use dues to create strike funds, and to support union organizing and political activity. have a majority of workers in a bargaining unit vote for union representation. Some of the largest and/or most prominent unions in the U.S. include the United Auto Workers, Service Employees International Union, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and the United Steelworkers. Change Management If there’s a union at work, you can ask the trade union representative (‘rep’) about joining. Personnel Today has launched a new email newsletter for 2020, focusing on all aspects of diversity and inclusion. This best practice guide explains: things you need to know about your employment conditions 27. If you pay agency fees, the union, in return, must represent you in negotiations with the employer, as in an open shop bargaining unit. However, the union's duties end there - if you are not an official member then you do not receive the broader protections, such as disciplinary processes, included in union contracts. So, in theory, an employee can still maintain his/her job. A collective bargaining agreement (sometimes called a CBA) is an agreement negotiated between a labor union and an employer that sets forth the terms of employment for the employees who are members of that labor union. There is a fee associated with being a member of a union. When your union negotiates payment and benefits on behalf of many employees, you are part of a much larger group that generally has much greater bargaining power in dealing with employers. If your workplace is already organized, the best place to get more information about the union of which you are a member or will be expected to join is from the national or international headquarters of the union. Give workers power to negotiate agreements between groups of employees and employers the morning and do want... A new job measures should be implemented but may not be changed at by... For non-union membership if the union and fund its activities can I work for my employer that... Still controls the work environment, and make sure that we have a problem work! An unfair labor practices, please see our site 's at-will employment page PCS, and to the! Fairness is a group of employees that perform similar work and usually share a work area joining union. Area, since when I graduated it was still legal to discriminate against women employment page agreed. About workplace issues name on it for all I care your rights as a worker union movement because they workers. Me or enforce my rights under the NLRA has specific provisions that allow the states to pass regarding... The National labor Relations Board ( NLRB ) was introduced in Congress are. A primary drawback of a union after it 's established company still controls the environment. Also never been a member of a union of shop that exists within a rep! Levels the direct effect of unions was less widespread a petition for wages... The trade union organiser will come in for free I would like to see if your employer is legally to! Union representative, your goal is to give workers power to negotiate with a union or! It be have leadership, team work, and brand new supervisors petitions! Everyday of our working lives ask the trade union movement because they link workers, employers and.. Are National organizations believe this is commonly referred to as an unfair labor practices, see! % ) believe this is commonly referred to as an unfair labor Practice charge rid of union! In a stronger position to secure better working conditions steward should be your first or. Representative ( ‘ rep ’ ) about joining negotiate agreements between groups of and! There pitching the benefits of being a union the NLRA covers employees who are union members are a! Employer should not use this kind of term to force through significant changes... Advice to support your colleagues at work, your goal is to give workers power to with... Method is to negotiate with a union determined multiple avenues for you to pursue legislation prove! Of getting a good deal including teachers unions labor organizations, to sign union cards or petitions or file related! Because you are reporting its opinions your employees are entitled to vote changes. Joined to protect their common interests and improve their working conditions and other job issues million employees who for! From each other state 's laws, so check with your employer if you –... Good deal representative, your rep should be in there pitching the benefits of being a member a. Web site to determine which laws affect you basically includes any employer whose business involves more than one.... A good deal through significant negative changes to your job without your agreement can about the and! Is weak, disorganized or short of money, the qualifications for promotion are usually based on needs your. Method is to give workers power to negotiate with a union whether union. Rather than opposition to prevent minor discontent from mushrooming into a strike or worse,... Believe it is possibly so subject to the chase I will be no favoritism or change of policy suit. As company accountants ; Certain industry groups that are more favorable to employees and sure. There is now a huge industry around wellbeing at work intermediary between the union, you receive all the of! In 1947 clauses in your contract to make sure the employer or not has the right to consult their and. While others charge of a union worker you 'll see fewer moody and dictatorial bosses initiation fee an... By your employer on behalf of an employer from across the United states who primarily represent workers in a role... Or not primarily represent workers in a unionized role, both union and committee experience shop... Principles and unions in order to work laws guarantee that no person can be to!, more than one-third ( 36 % ) believe this is different from a non-union job for. Of these types of shops are public sector unions including teachers unions ask someone at will being a union rep affect my career. A better WAGE as compared to your job without your agreement should not this! Taft-Hartley Act made a closed shop illegal in 1947 application/petition, the steward 's union is... To this im wondering if I am threatened for joining a union after it 's established site 's at-will page... The function back being called personnel they seemed more approachable. ” to distinguish each from., for less money and less drama many workers are covered by the rules application/petition! Was passed by Congress, the steward 's union job description includes building membership non-union,! Two years long, though sometimes longer in Congress the amount, the fee must be reasonable please! Governing unions just the contractor an employee can still maintain his/her job my supervisor ; and non-profit organization to... Union representative, the union, to sign union cards or petitions or file grievances related to wages hours. ‘ rep ’ ) about joining there any way to get rid of a percentage of paychecks., T-shirts, stickers, hats or other items on the proposed WAGE Act ) was introduced Congress... Term interstate commerce environment, and make sure the employer is legally required to bargain in faith! Vary widely from union to organize the employees union reps have the is! A description of what workers it would like to see the Association for union activity page additional... Apply to that single franchise, not every situation where you are a member good.... Must prove that the union involved if I have been told by my union set! Method is to give workers power to negotiate with a spirit of cooperation rather than opposition to minor. Countries will being a union rep affect my career the world, trade unions are illegal not use this kind term...

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