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Project Map. They are used when constructing a pontoon boat or other navigable structure. Gallery. Replace a damaged boat pontoon or build your own pontoon boat or floating home with discount pontoon boat logs from Great Lakes Skipper. Contact. View some examples of how our products are used in actual applications. 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ thick aluminum angle irons. COMMERCIAL HIRE . Suitable for the construction of pontoon boats or small house boats with medium payloads, Suitable for the construction of pontoon boats or larger house boats with high payloads, For any queries please contact us or use our Call-Back Service, fon +49 (0)3841 224049-0 01283 208891 . They have a foam filling and are available in a range of sizes for those building their own vessels. Therefore, the length of the pontoon hull is variable. for the construction of: work boats, big pontoon boats, big house boats, etc. News. You can design your own boat with the rigging placed where ever you like.. Project Map. Custom built transoms can be added to tubes for $700 for up to 120 hp motors or $800 for up to 200 hp motors. Pod types and specifications. We now have 24-inch diameter and 36-inch diameter pontoon modules representing most common applications: pontoon boats, houseboats, barges, floating platforms, docks, dredges, and floating houses. Modular pontoon systems provide the versatility, robustness and stability to ensure that your pontoon will exceed your expectations. Our modular HDPE plastic floats are the way to go when safety is key. To join together pontoon sections, you will need: 3/4″ Hex Head Bolt; 3/8″ 16TPI thread; Lock Washer; 3″ x 2″ x 1/4″ thick aluminum angle irons. Get In Contact - +44 (0)1283 208891 | Floating Aluminium Pontoon Boat Log Tubes 18 Foot x 25 Inch Diameter for sale. 3″ x 2″ x 1/4″ thick aluminum angle irons. Angle irons need to flange out at top and be flush with top of collar (see illustration). My Homemade pontoon boat! Get In Contact - +44 (0)1283 208891 | info© Supports up to 4,200 lbs. At National Pontoon we have a wide range of floating modular pontoon systems for sale – both new and used. this was the first boat ever made but definitely not the last. Pontoonz are plastic pontoon pods which can be assembled to your own design for a variety of floating solutions. 15ft to 33ft Custom Marine Aluminum Pontoon Floats Pontoon Log Tubes for pontoon boat for Replacement UV stabile Roto-Molded LLDPE black polyethylene, filled with EPS expanded foam forming the perfect pontoon block offering maximum unsinkable impact resilient flotation. To prevent sinking in the event of fracture, the interior is composed of high-density closed cell polyurethane foam. Suppliers with verified business licenses . Plastic Pontoon Plastic Pontoon Floats Inflatable Dock Plastic Floating Pontoon / Marine Salvage Air Bag US $100.00-$2000/ Set 1.0 Sets (Min Order) 8 YRS Qingdao Doowin Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 1.6 M X 60 CM PONTOON FLOAT. Plastic Floats with medium load capacities, Configurator – houseboat platform / pontoon raft, Latest results from Research & Development. The floats are made from virgin polyethylene plastic.the longest length is 11 1/2 feet. Rafts Barges Platforms . Tags : modular plastic pontoons Plastic Floating Dock Systems Modular Plastic Boat & Dock Pontoons Polyethylene Plastic Pontoon Floats. Angle irons need to flange out at top and be flush with top of collar (see illustration). Supports up to 1,950 lbs. Our small bolt-together pontoon boat kits range from a 48"x50" model all the way up to a 15'x8' mini work barge. The individual floats can be plugged together by a tongue and groove system. Pontoon and Dock your ‘One Stop Solution’ for pontoon hire or sale including EZ Dock pontoons and P&D³ floating pontoons for the commercial, construction and leisure industry. We offer you pontoon workboats, houseboats or leisure boats for easy self assembly. A range of floating platforms can be built for jetty's, walkways, floating pump landings, work platforms, plane/helicopter/boat landings, houseboats, party boats - the list goes on! Perfect for do-it-yourself boats barges and more. environment using ultra high molecular weight HDPE and homopolymer Acetal resins. Pontoon Boat Logs and Floats. Hire. PONTOON FLOATS, UK MANUFACTURED. Angle irons need to flange out at top and be flush with top of collar (see illustration). 7 days ago. Wilson Pontoons, Inc. began in October 1997 distributing dock floats and 23-inch diameter pontoons. Modular PE Plastic Floats for the construction of pontoon tubes. Supports 600 lbs. Wilson pontoons are used for pontoon boats, houseboats, barges, bridges, workboats, and platforms, party boats, pumping stations – they’re perfect for any application that uses pontoons. ; Immediate delivery – with minimum new stock levels of 1200 m.2, we can satisfy most requirements next day! To join pontoons together, you will need cross members, which bolt into the top of the angle irons. WELCOME TO WILSON PONTOONS, INC. is a designer, producer, and distributor of polyethylene pontoons used in a variety of marine applications. Different colours are … So many possibilities! Installation Guide for 36-inch Diameter Modular Plastic Pontoons. All pontoons include threaded 3/8″ stainless steel inserts to accommodate bolts. More. Gallery. Traditional Pontoons. HDPE pontoons; Plastic floats; Read more about HDPE floats and pontoons » We produce and HDPE floats and pontoons of various diameters and lengths, HDPE booms, HDPE buoys, various designs based on them: moorings, walkways, piers, hdpe floatings for houseboats, floats, etc. EVENT HIRE. POLY BARGES & PONTOONS Polyline Industries design and manufacture customised Barges and Pontoons for the Mining, Marine and Oil & Gas industries. EZ Dock . Maintenance free, extra strong and durable. Docks and Jetties. Use cargo straps to draw modules as tight as you can before drilling holes. UFLOAT plastic pontoons are seamlessly molded from durable plastic to ensure many years of service and can be fully recycled. Houseboats, shanty boats barbeque picnic and party, tiny pontoon houses, fishing. gross weight at full submersion. Modular construction: bow, middle and stern modules are 10 ft. in length. Dura Float Nose Cone Modules may be placed at the end of either a pontoon section or a series of body modules. Contact. £10,000 For Sale New Fibre Glass Pontoon… Although most of our pontoons are constructed from plastics, we also have options to deck these with timber, anti-slip grids and a variety of other materials to suit your needs. Read more. Versatile, durable, and easy-to-install floating plastic pontoon docks for residential or commercial use. We have pontoon logs in pairs as well as single and tri-toon logs. We can supply timber decks and anti-slip grids for plastic pontoons. News. for the construction of: small pontoon boats, recreational boats, small house boats, etc. Chongqing Jinfa Industrial Equipment Sales Co., Ltd. Chongqing, China View larger video & image. as well as modular pontoons of various configurations and buoyancy. Building your project exactly as you want is easy with Ufloat modular design. Used Equipment. Sales. Rochester, Kent Premier Houseboats are pleased to present this good sized fibre glass pontoon, built in 2017 it is now ready to be used as a houseboat base or commercially. Contact Now Inquiry Basket. Call us toll-free 877-456-2531 or email info© so that we can answer any questions and assist you in selecting the right diameter and size needed for your application. is a designer, producer, and distributor of polyethylene pontoons used in a variety of marine applications. We also supply modular work pontoons made of plastic or steel for the construction of a floating work platform, transport platform, diving platform, etc. Message us to find out more! Swim rafts, picnic rafts , pump barges, work barges. Pontoon surfaces are smooth and resistant to algae growth. Modular floating platforms and floating docks. We also have 8 foot pontoons and 4 foot sectional floats as well. The modular float system PT06 is ideally suited for DIY-construction of house boats and pontoon raftss. Pontoon Boat Kit ,PONTOON TUBES, LOGS, & FLOATS, Replacement Pontoons,Replacement Pontoon Tubes,Pontoon Replacement Kits. Perebo develops, designs and builds floating systems, unique and innovative in design and combines therein architecture, engineering, research and development. Modular construction: bow, middle and stern modules come in 8 ft. and 12 ft. lengths. Copyright A© 2003-2018 Wilson Pontoons, Inc. All Rights Reserved I Design Patent US DS205,935 S. To join together pontoon sections, you will need: Use cargo straps to draw modules as tight as you can before drilling holes. They’re excellent replacements for old steel or aluminum pontoons. The middle sections are 1 metre by 98 cm diameter and weigh 26kg The front and rear nosecones are 1.5 metre by the 98 cm diameter and weigh 30kg. So there is no interfaces-losses in complex planning. FIND OUT MORE. The structure is timber framed and filled with solid closed cell polystyrene. Used Equipment. This advert is located in and around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. They’re excellent replacements for old steel or aluminum pontoons. Description: Plastic float system for the creation of pontoons and floating structures manufactured in UK. Pipefusion offers our rugged and durable pontoons so you can replace the leaking barrels, rotting floats, or rusted and leaking steel pontoons on your dock, with our lifetime guaranteed pontoon floats. Angle irons need to flange out at top and be flush with top of collar (see illustration). All of the pontoons we supply are recyclable and many are moulded from recycled materials. Favorites. Our plastic pontoon floats are made to meet US Coast Guard specifications and are a great option for people building or retrofitting pontoon boats, work barges, boat docks, and swimming rafts. Hire. Each pontoon has wing nuts molded into the top of them and are very durable. We find the balance between time, quality and cost, the parameters of any project.. Pontoon Hire, Pontoon Sales. With many years of experience our designers, engineers and installation teams work closely with our clients to create the perfect floating pontoon coupled to the most suitable mooring system to provide you with a complete package that we are proud to put our name to. Proudly Floating Ezera Skanas Since 2012 They're easy to build platforms for as they have mounting flanges with molded-in bolt holes, so you don't have to drill holes in the plastic. 5602 Sea Grapes Way | The Villages, FL 32163-2019 | USA I 419-675-0002 | toll free: 877-456-2531 | fax +49 (0)3841 224049-1. EZ Dock Pontoon. Wilson pontoons are ideal for saltwater because they won’t rust or corrode. Manufactured in Britain – in an ISO 9001:2008 Q.C. P&D³ Cube. Commercial Pontoons. Need More Advice? Wilson pontoons are ideal for saltwater because they won’t rust or corrode. Plastic Floating THREE-IN-ONE Modular Pontoon. THIS FLOAT IS LIGHT WEIGHT BUT VERY ROBUST AND IS MORE THAN ABLE TO FLOAT ANY PROJECT YOU CARE TO TAKE ON. Pontoon Boats. To join together pontoon sections, you will need: 3/4″ Hex Head Bolt; 3/8″ 16TPI thread; Lock Washer; 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ thick aluminum angle irons. I also have all the materials to build pontoon boat decks/docks. Our modular floating pontoons can be built as temporary or permanent structures for various applications; floating bridges, walkways, marinas, stages, dry docks, swim platforms, rowing & sailing club platforms to name a few. Wilson partners with marine designers, architects, plastic engineers, tool designers, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and manufacturers unique to design goals and parameters for our customers. Aqua-Dock Modular Pontoons and Floating Docks – Sales, Installations & Hire. MADE WITH MDPE ( VIRGIN OR RECYCLED ) WITH THE OPTION TO HAVE... Favourite this Advert . FACTORY NEW u-shaped transom pods for mounting behind u-tubes to make center transom tube combinations UP TO 300 HP motors are available for bolt-on applications for $1000. More. Installation Guide for 24-inch Diameter Modular Plastic Pontoons. FIND OUT MORE. Sales. They are also perfect for the do-it-yourself builder who is starting from the floats up. PONTOON …

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