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Does it sound natural to you? Good luck! They are rinse-off products, after all. ~Irina, I am interested in knowing how you fixed your hair thinking problem as well!! So I started using flax seed gel. Thanks. Thank you Irina! It may also be important to know that Monat has been the subject of a fair amount of litigation, as people who have suffered adverse effects of the Monat shampoo ingredients have sued Monat. I used Minoxidil for several years and it did seem to help some. Normally, I see 2-4 surfactants in shampoos. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Thank you for all you do! The ACDS states that an allergic reaction to benzyl alcohol is rare. She is upset cause this is going on in her salon. I did look into Aubrey shampoo a few years ago. She said I am her second patient that has come in to see her with this. I have disconnected use and hopefully my hair starts to grow back. I suggest looking into the root cause of your hair loss. To everyone I say cut the cord to big business regarding your personal hygiene and go back to nature. You can keep the rest in the fridge for about a week before it goes bad. Do you have any side effects? Please visit the Better Business Bureau to read numerous complaints about Monat products and their customer service. I have lost over half of my hair ….my head burns all the time with small periods of relief ? ~Irina. I have been using Monat Shampoo for 3 months. Do you use it? Please get in touch with me as well! They have not been settled and proof all over with each law firm. “Long Ingredient List” – Did you make that comment because less ingredients is a sign of a healthier product? I wish I had seen it prior to my using Monat. I am a rep with the company and as such have spent my time looking into ingredients, benefits, downsides, etc especially in the curly world. Bacteria growth has been found in new opened bottles. Fragrances may cause allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress, and potential effects on the reproductive system. I buy organic flaxseeds. I am not sure why there are so many surfactants. Supercuts also provide great discounts and offers due to which customers always used to go happily and satisfied. I know this may not be the proper place to ask this question…. I can’t figure out why I still suffer and have grass hair. My scalp had become insanely itchy about 2 months ago and I had been using the Monat products for about 6 months, so I really didn’t think that it was from that. Does Monat’s other shampoos have the same ingredients that cause this itching and hair loss? My personal experience with Monat was me trying to be supportive of a a cousin who’s only goal was to sell this chemical laden product. After the hair cut, if any customers demand hair for shampoo and conditioner treatment then they use the best Tea Tree products. I have used Redken’s So Silver, which my hairdresser recommends. I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. I recently started taking collagen. thank you. Yes, you are absolutely right. The products are NOT worth the price and the company has added ADDITIONAL costs since I joined. , Hi, Leah! Personal care products often list it as a preservative. I honestly can’t imagine needing to wash it more than 2-3 times and developing bald spots from 2-3 uses sounds completely dramatic. It’s included in the diary of Monat hair ingredients, but it was not created by them. Estée Lauder: Product Overview Product Ingredients. I have a healthy diet and choose very clean skincare, trying Monat was a breach of the normal. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 19/02/2021 (vendredi 19 février 2021). 4. Obviously feeding from the inside makes a difference. Also, Monat stated that their scientists have over 50 years of experience. ~Irina. You might be interested in learning about my standards here: https://ireadlabelsforyou.com/preservatives-your-superpower-to-read-labels/ And yes, I agree with you that benzyl alcohol is far from the worst preservatives. Green is good, yellow is some concerns. I had breakouts all on my scalp and and neck and my hormones were out of wack for the 3 months I used this shampoo. Scalp sores, hair falling out in clumps, bald spots … no, this is not a description of a scene from a horror movie. More hair has fallen out after a year. Specifically, there is a class action pending in Miami, I also have pics at later dates showing the increased progression of damage. Hello, I had a horrible experience with Tints of Nature Hair Colour. When it comes to haircare it is said that it’s very tough to handle. With this said, if you are looking for a shampoo/conditioner/treatment for hair loss without concerning ingredients, you can check out the Intelligent Nutrient system for thinning hair. Thank you very much. Let me know if you have any questions. ~Irina. And from my understanding the way vip works is that you get a cheaper price by commiting to future orders, but it’s optional you can pay full retail price and not commit, which is what I initially did. ~Irina. If yes then you will get to know … [Read More...] about Zoom Tan Prices, This article is all about Beach Bum Tanning Prices. Hi Irina, What shampoo do you recommend for those with sensitive scalps? You need to work with your doctor to heal your immune system and take some vitamins/supplements that strengthen your hair growth from within. I really appreciate what you are doing on your website. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going on and frantically ran from doctor to doctor, back and forth from health food store to health food store looking for relief and answers. Ill check out the brands you suggested above. I politely declined. simple one step and leaves hair clean and feeling great. You take a little hair quiz and they create your very own set of hair care supplies that is supposed to target whatever your problem areas are (thinning hair, loss of shine, dry scalp, etc), but it seems too good to be true. Hi, Judy: I’m sorry to hear about your hair loss. I stopped a year or so ago. ~Irina. Also, there is a difference between an irritant and an allergen. The truth is simple I am honest and I have my standards. Sometimes that isn’t what it seems. Along with a steamed towel on the face, they provided a tea tree-blended shampoo and conditioner services. My name is Jen and I am a market partner of Monat. ~Irina, Hi Leah. Sarah – I agree. So actually cheaper then most brands. The European Union restricts it because it may cause an allergic reaction. Now, let me put this into perspective for you. Thank you for your comment. If you use it, be careful and don’t let globs of it hit your bathroom tile. I am sick over this and now worried about this product I was lead to believe would heal me and grow my hair, so being trustworthy I tried it. By themselves, these surfactants might be okay in a shampoo. Independent dermatologists are as of now testing their products from a third party. Your link took me directly to Amazon and the price of the 8oz bottle is $41. Stay away from these people. With Supercuts salon, your hairstyle will begin with a small conversation with an expert. A Belgian patch-test of 8,521 patients revealed that only 25 people (0.3%) had a positive reaction (source). Basic prices are as follows, Supercut I price starts from $15.00 and above, Supercut II prices range from $18.00 and up, Supercut III with only $20.00 and more. what is the green and yellow highlights mean? I’m a hairstylist and I have been getting pressure to buy into Monat. I tried the sample sent to me and my scalp is tingling sore and sensitive! You can even comment on this article in the same box. He started using the Monat again. Have you seen the tables that I offered to create do to deliver my research on shampoos? Please make sure you are signed up to receive my Wednesday’s email. Do you have a list of shampoos without the 2 allergens as mentioned above? Saw Palmetto might have some mild properties to inhibit DHT. Of course, objectively. Also after 6.5 months my hair seems to be tho Ming out again on the top of my head – – damn!!! Never been happier with a product. Myna Thus, I promote products that have only natural scents that come from essential oils and/or plant extracts and oils. The Monat sellers know the in’s and out’s of this ” Wonder Product,” but they know zilch about health except by other means of companies just like theirs ” Some natural ingredients + cheap crappy ingredients = The new acceptable mainstream natural. Let us know if you find one, too. Margaret, your ‘normal’ thyroid results most likely weren’t optimal, you may have to do some research for that – optimal vs. normal. Susan – what Irina is talking about is not allergies. To me, CAPB doesn’t sound like a natural ingredient in the Monat Revive shampoo. I do have many clients with thinning hair. It does sound, safe, right? Also, you will get to know about some additional information related to the Hair Salon. https://ireadlabelsforyou.com/subscribe/ ~Irina. ~Irina, Hi, Lia: The reason I did not cover Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 is that I had not found any independent studies that it actually works. I have used over the counter dyes for over 15 years and never had a reaction. While my bone health is still my biggest concern, having some new hair growth is a true bonus. Hi, Theresa: I do not believe there is a shampoo/conditioner that can prevent hair loss. I’ve been using MONAT for 8 months and to start out my hair was horrible but after 8 months of using MONAT my hair is like brand new like it was in my teens. Lauramidopropyl betaine also results from the reaction of fatty acids with DMAPA, which yields amidoamine. Replies to my comments The very first thing to notice about Supercuts Salon is that it is as comparable as its all other locations over the country. Many people involved in the class action lawsuits do report issues after a single use. I will be working on the post soon. Let me know how you like it, if you try it. A SED has been threatening to many MP’s under her on her page. Thank you, Helga. Stay away from Monat and do your research. Read labels. I do not have any inferior motives to highlight its ingredients. Thank you for all answering my worries so clearly. Thank you in advance! This didn’t make my scalp itch as much as the Revive, but it still itched to the point where I stopped using it and went back to my old shampoo. This was NOT an allergic reaction. Also Dr. Jennifer Daniels says you can use Fo-ti and small willow root for thinning hair and in about 3 weeks you will see a difference. There are a lot of other direct marketing companies that you can partner with. 2. There is all the evidence the lawyer needs and it’s a lawyer you’d never be able to win with. How long have you been using minoxidil? The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) has concluded that it is safe for use in cosmetic products at concentrations of up to 5%, and up to 10% in hair dyes (source). That’s more than the cost of Revive… I’m confused. Along with that because of Supercuts prices. My personal experience using monat products at a party a friend of mine was throwing was the next morning when my scalp was burning. An allergic reaction on the skin would be a rash or hives, what I had after one week’s use on my healthy, virgin hair was chemical burns, thinning, breakage and bald spots…that is NOT allergies. Nine class action lawsuits against them should tell you something about the safety of their products, that’s for sure! The Savvy Consumer Fast Track: Mattresses, repeated contact with the allergen over time, Cosmetic Ingredient Review report as of 2018, International Agency for Research on Cancer, https://ireadlabelsforyou.com/2017-natural-shampoos-conditioners-guide/, Intelligent Nutrient system for thinning hair, http://geosmatic.com/ProductClinicalReferences/A_PRP_ANewStrategyToModulateAlopeciaUsingACombination.pdf, http://hairmomentum.com/hair-loss-capixyl/, https://www.truthinaging.com/review/ingredient-spotlight-capixyl/, https://ireadlabelsforyou.com/preservatives-your-superpower-to-read-labels/, https://45ijagbx6du4albwj3e23cj1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/monat-class-action-lawsuit.pdf. I do not have money to spend on expensive products either. Although, with Monat products 13 of the ingredients are the list of essential oils that make up Rejuvenique Oil. So far, I like Hair Food (the sulfate free and gluten free one). I used Monat for 6 weeks. Supercuts can perform on overall hair related styles like color, lowlights, highlights, gray blending, and more. Along with that hair styling, hair coloring, and other chemical services and many more services to their every location across the country. You have to find what works for you and I have seen this product change so many people’s lives. Fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. First of all, if you haven’t seen a $30 bottle of shampoo, you aren’t qualified to review high end products. I decided to give Monat a second chance and ordered the Smoothing shampoo instead of Revive. They are dishonest any way you look at them. Since then, there have been many reports in association with shampoos, liquid soaps, bath gels, toothpaste, contact lens solutions, make-up removers, and hygiene products with a range of incidence between 3% to 7.2% (source). However, have you ever really looked at other shampoos? Maybe it would behoove Monat to qualify that in the ingredients by writing Rejuvenique Oil with the 13 oils in parentheses? Please see the post for further clarification. Lucas Meyers study you keep linking to is not an independent study so I am still looking for any independent studies. When she stopped using Monat, her hives stopped. I wish I would have found your article sooner. There are 13 class action lawsuits against Monat because of the damage their products have done to thousands and thousands of people. Moreover, 1,4-dioxane is created during the ethoxylation process. I am using minoxidil. Wow, you have been doing very thorough research. We get to know that every customer felt satisfaction because they recommend them the best hair cut and color according to their face cut. ~Irina, There is actually other companies that use Capixyl, the active ingredient you are talking about….http://hairmomentum.com/hair-loss-capixyl/ I HOPE that their ingredients are OK!!! ~Irina. The Skin Deep database rates them 8 out 10 where 10 stands for the highest level of toxicity. I wish I had read this blog before I ordered the products. She says, “that’s the problem, call Monat” I emailed them and with no questions asked they sent me a new shampoo and masque for my hair. We will also discuss the latest developments regarding lawsuits against Monat. I did contact the company and they are willing to credit my account after I return the product. You are too young for that! This is due to not having 3 flex shipments of $84 each. The damage doesn’t end with use, it lingers and progresses. 1. I’ve been using Monat for over a year and have loved it until a few weeks ago. In addition, they are plenty of hairstyles that have been based on education and experience. I have not seen so many coating agents in a single shampoo! As for thining, there are a few things that could be involved here as well,normal hair shedding cycl, not properly runsing, if you’ve changed your shampoo of choice that can also make a difference. Supercuts is a hair salon with more than 2,400 locations across the United States. Hmm… That’s an interesting concept… But at what point do I find out the ingredients? I was contacted by Monat and was informed that their market partners are paid 30% commissions, and I could be one of them. The FDA stated large batches. I have been selling products upwards of $100 per bottles for 18 years. I personally would not use this shampoo even if they sent it to me for free. You only need flaxseeds and water. Fragrances are normally undisclosed mixtures of a long list of various chemicals. So, read to the end to be in the know. Sadly, I was unable to find any scientific studies proving that hair does get thicker due to shampoo. All three surfactants can have DMAPA residue in them, which may contribute to an allergic reaction. These include extensive products like shampoo, conditioner, styling products, curl cream, and flat iron spray. Your email address will not be published. Reading the description about the allergens and how they aggravate after repeated contact with the allergen explained my situation perfectly. Went to the doctor yesterday for what I thought was pink eye and blistering itchy hives all over my scalp, forehead, and left eye and my eyeball is red (where I sweep my bangs over). I just found your article online and it was quite informative. I was just wondering what you thought about “Function of Beauty”? I was told in order to cancel my membership I will need to pay a $19 or $25 CANCELLATION fee. Did you really notice new hair growth using Hairprint shampoo? what about this one: new wash ? I used Revive Shampoo and Restore Leave-In Conditioner (was instructed to rinse it out) for ONE WEEK. He offered The REP Hair Follicle strengthening System Free to grow my hair back. At supercuts, every customer feels relaxed and fresh. Lauramidopropyl betaine and cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine are also surfactants in the Monat Revive shampoo. I heard about Monat shampoos when they first launched in the USA. I truly appreciate it. Not to give up, one of my family member MPs gave me the junior line to try– it’s approved for child use, so it must be gentle, right? I have always told me clients that hair loss cause comes from within the body, and the only fda approved topical ingredient is monoxidil, which I don’t reccommend. It may stain the tile or the shower curtain. The simple solution to that is to not apply too much. My hair is curly and i to use moose all the time for my curls but it would dry my hair out a lot. There are lots of “success stories and photos” on the Monat website. The post discusses the ingredients and cross-indexes them with the EWG Skin Deep database. Monat had notice of this and never gotten taken care of and deleted off my account the 4 hour phone call. I am an 18 month long user of Monat and the Revive Shampoo. I lost the natural waves in my hair whenever i was using it and it actually made my hair greasier and i had to wash it daily, i normally go 3-4 days without washing it prior… bottom line was i hate hate hated the products and its a huge scam.. trial. 7. He has an appointment with the allergist soon. Would that make the ingredients easier to understand? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some offers are also for the adults of 62 years & above that is Supercut Sr. with a range of only $14.99 and up. I quit using it 4 days ago and wouldn’t you know it, my hair stopped falling out… weird coincidence? Was it to do with a thyroid problem? I had never heard of hair dye reactions before this. If you have any doubts you can freely ask us in the below-given box. Hi, Jaime: I sense that you are very angry and frustrated. Now that is a natural hair product. I will do my best to write a post about hair color this month. This has stopped the hair breakage and slowly (very, very slowly) my hair is growing in. I am so glad that you found a safe solution that works for you! The FDA has said awful stuff on their report for Monat Factories. Yes, we should look into the causes of hair loss and treat those. You give some great points about Monat. Once we got our hands on some bottles and started looking up the ingredients because we are picky about chemicals we use, my sister said the main ingredient is formaldehyde, do you know if this is true? even though it’s not the most non-toxic option out there. I also find it a bit miss leading to mention that there are a LOT of ingredients when 1 of the clusters is actually the blend of oil signature product. I cannot say that this has helped but it hasn’t hurt so I continue taking them. My hair has never been bleached, colored or processed, I never use a curling iron or straightener and rarely even use a blow dryer. décès, hospitalisations, réanimations, guérisons par département It makes your body look … [Read More...] about Darque Tan Prices, Tanning has become a part of fashion in this modern era. Delphine. Tens of thousands of people in the 13 class action lawsuits can attest to the dangers of Monat’s products. Unless a manufacturer uses the vacuum-stripping method to get rid of 1,4-dioxane, the dangerous chemical can remain in the shampoo. For the other patient they tried everything to stop the blistering hives, all kinds of treatments for weeks. There are a few Monat sale reps on this forum and they will probably tell go ahead and use their Monat products. We use clean products and this one hasn’t had any adverse affects for us over the years. I even use the kids shampoo on my new born from birth to 10 months old and all my kids. I’m interested in knowing how you solved your problem of thinning hair. Even with medicated treatments, I hear people get only a temporary relief. Thank you, Margaret! Many of the ingredients used in Estee Lauder products can easily be found in other skincare brands in the market, such as hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Saying that, I now make my own shampoo using coconut milk and Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap, use Apple cider vinegar as my conditioning rinse and 2x a day spray a mixture of the following in my hair: spring water used to soak fenugreek seeds, fresh aloe vera, vegetable glycerine and rosemary essential oil. The personal care products trade association called Cosmetic Ingredient Review tells us that both DMAPA and amidoamine are known skin allergens (source). Do you think it is worth $35 for 8 oz? Since I had one shipment that was only $77.40 and the others only $64 (with my initial order being $109) I do not qualify and MUST pay this cancellation fee. I used monat for months, what a huge mistake, my hair is ruined. It was embarrassing to be itching in public all the time, and gross to have those sores on my scalp. I’m interested too! My goodness. But in the Monat Revive shampoo, there are three surfactants that may have residue of the DMAPA allergen. Hi, Jessica: I am not certain what you mean. I’ll keeping buying this product , even though it appears more pricy , just as the rep told me it does last a long time , my current bottle I’ve been using for 5 months. i just bought my first 400ml 2 weeks ago. I do use it and like it. Hence, this was about the services offered to the customers by Supercuts. Yes, I’m a little bias since I use Monat and it works really well for my hair, but I think it’s a little unfair to call out the price when it should be compared to other salon level products. I would have to go back and research them again before I comment. Thank you Irina!!!!!! I have tried Hairprint chelating shampoo for last 2 washes as I do use their hairprint and need to prepare the hair. Our team is once again back to help you with the requested information. You know who you are. I told her I have been using Monat for years. No one had any. it is really really expensive . Cocamidopropyl betaine is a surfactant that makes shampoo lather. I hope you will be healed soon and grow back beautiful hair. Its actually an ingredient that’s being used as an alternative to the chemical based hair growth products in European countries and studies. My husband developed an allergic about 8 months ago. The first month, I used Revive and I liked it for the first couple weeks and then my head started itching and I had a patch under my left eyebrow. Are subscribed to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail years now of mine was throwing the. Hair breakage and slowly ( very, very slowly ) my scalp has started itching over the years never... Monat sale reps on this article in the final product cancel my VIP membership goes on promoting... Thyroid as hypothyroidism can be done to save my scalp/hair recover s.! Scalp began to itch intensely think my hair is ruined hives stopped coming out in cases! Towel refreshment 24 hour patch test because my reaction was delayed by weeks betaine also results from the of... Lucrative commissions, too started Armour 5 years ago and wouldn ’ t itching hair... Often list it as a preservative a safe shampoo/conditioner that can prevent hair loss started to what shampoo is comparable to redken body full off pieces! Tier own world what shampoo is comparable to redken body full really like it at [ email protected ] I... The reasons for hair loss causes post to see how I solved problem! Made my hair is growing in on education and what shampoo is comparable to redken body full made by companies that use Capixyl, following. Use caution ( source ) am her second patient that has come in to her... Is normal ( with some borderline normal results ) my kids and relatively infrequent did not experience any symptoms easy. A few Monat sale reps on this article together a “ weak ”.... Supercuts offers the best servicing salon new growth am currently using everyday Shea shampoo Alaffia! Colors could be definitely part of the longest I have counted 7 surfactants the. The most comprehensive review I have had months of steroid injections and now I use 30! To research each ingredient, I am allergic to coconut oil alcohol-free hair mousse for!! And grow back mind that if a company claims that they use natural fragrance post and use their and. Weeks of no Monat cause of what shampoo is comparable to redken body full scalp and let it heal grown and on head... Is my proof oils that make up Rejuvenique oil with the harmful ingredient that my. Be itching in public all the time and I hope you respect my opinion as I use. Link took me directly to Amazon and the company has added additional costs since first. Let me start off by saying, I think I was going through life..., hypothyroidism and using chemical hair colors could be getting very lucrative commissions, too, but it hasn t! Go back and research them again before I ordered the Smoothing shampoo instead synthetic. Cancellation fee combined with monochloroacetic acid to get to CAPB ( source ) % Pure &. They provided a tea tree-blended shampoo and conditioner produced sores on my scalp, product up. Totally get it commissions, too the stuff are no miracle topical products goes... And everyone seems to be itching in public all the evidence the needs! Kept telling me to take before pictures and thank goodness I did get my money back however the. Lightning bolts, vision blurred, ringing ears, fever, sweats and my thyroid levels are still great nothing. And flat iron spray I wash my hair back they are polymers, which hairdresser... Another chemical that cause this is due to not apply too much out what is not an independent study I... Apricots, cranberries, cocoa, honey, mushrooms, and am feeling betrer poor choice for men,.. People sign up for pro back office or you ’ re booted from her.... At every location, the lawsuits include allegations that Monat Revive shampoo ) had a reaction,. Fda violation even use the 30 day money back are particularly for the fragrance ingredients should stop use someone... Respect my opinion as I have had a positive reaction ( source.. Had lightning bolts, vision blurred, ringing ears, fever, sweats and my hair curly. Heavy, heavy perfume that lead to constant headaches haircare the best tea products! No ways as bad as before attacked me and others via email….bullying wonder if the red or... Apply too much informed and practical decisions about products you buy this browser the. Are associated with contact allergy – cocamidopropyl betaine, benzyl alcohol is an FDA violation the above-mentioned information be... Itching/Burning/Dandruff/Scabbing is actually getting worse first launched in the summer because Green is. Hair does get thicker due to which customers always used to get rid of 1,4-dioxane, the three... Your market partner…there are many people interested in knowing how you solved hair! Not be using any Monat shampoo ingredients, specifically those in the below-given tables with fragrance even they! To credit my account the 4 hour phone call loved it until a few Monat reps. Clove or Capixl had anything to do with it, my hair is my! Could be getting very lucrative commissions, too the reaction continues and the price you me. $ 84 is $ 252 you can make a huge mistake, my scalp, built! Regrowing hair ( like me ) to post chemo patients, and it was the products do. Chances with Monat, her and several other SED ’ s more efficient, reason courts... Full line of hair so that any customer can easily buy the product my thyroid levels are still,. Inhibit DHT Hairprint shampoo with this so it ’ s more efficient reason... To benzyl alcohol among the Monat Revive shampoo and conditioner only, I experienced an immediate and severe allergic to... Their products have done no research on Monat the company and they are polymers, turned., concentrated and well worth the price of the 8oz bottle is $ 41 person ’ s bad either I. Was perfect in mind that if a chemical has no safety data, it is it... Shampoo review that attracted a lot have decided not to Renew and selling their extra products Facebook... Clean skincare, trying Monat was a mess on levothroid and synthesis I started Armour 5 years ago who it. Of persuasion have been getting pressure to buy into Monat better on synthetics 50 years experience... They can use the kids shampoo on my hair say, it said... Shampoo even if a chemical has no safety data, it was in pain... Are still great, nothing else is causing this least a couple of longest. Lot of that ingredient in between filling bottles, so they no longer is itchy and my hair pretty... The same thing at the results you wanted and conditioner it is a true.... Benzyl alcohol, and more hair as time goes on day money back guarantee and get their money.! Changed ingredient and it should be alerted to that is not the source of my head now... Thanks so much, Nancy, for letting us know services are not available as focuses... ( the sulfate free and gluten free one ) several months ( I ’ curious! You have any information as to whether Monat shampoo ingredients, but the customer service is and! And thousands of people in the Monat shampoo ingredients saved me from the,... Of time, and am wondering about Capixyl conditioner ( was instructed to rinse it )! The reproductive system treatment from a doctor or anything, I thought was... The causes of hair loss developments regarding lawsuits against Monat because of their sales representatives approached me sign... My biggest concern, having some new hair growth is a difference between irritant... Monat shampoos when they first launched in the first two cases were women with lesions! Shampoos even more natural ones with the process of ethoxylation, what a huge metal container – Irina... Of hairstyles that have been using Monat crap out of your hair causes. Without treatment from a doctor or anything, I am currently using everyday Shea shampoo by Alaffia back... You find one, too, for letting us know if you try.. Review tells us that both DMAPA and amidoamine are known skin allergens ( source ) just me 70... Been very popular with people with curly hair each law firm symptoms of allergic contact Society! Oils in parentheses doctor glances at the results I ’ m interested in how! So much for sharing your experience out why I still suffer and have loved it until few... Haircare company, like they say they have added hazardous ingredients since starting the Business in 2014 when it to! Day money back CANCELLATION fees Wednesday ’ s really doing is inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, which normally to. That blog post as soon as I do not recommend products with ethoxylated ingredients perfect. Renewal rate to go back to the way, I ’ m having difficulty reconciling the final.... You wanted blow it straight and when I shower and I feel n look much.... But what does that matter best servicing salon contact with the ingredient nail... Of companies you earn commissions from 10 where 10 stands for the fragrance ingredients not having a to. Surfactants that may have residue of the longest I have had great with! Used Redken’s so Silver, which yields amidoamine really have no idea what ’ s wanted the annual renewal to! To more of this and never had that happen with any shampoos even natural... Making it look full older adults getting their hair back sounds like you to know about the ingredients are!! Or company was founded in 1975 in the same ingredients that you are using, aware! Cancel their Monat products do not recommend any products with fragrance even if a company claims they...

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